His persistence was beginning to wear you out, but you knew he was only giving you what you wanted, what you had previously asked for, what you had secretly fantasized about on more than one occasion.
So there you were. Your clothes having been torn from your body and discarded carelessly to the floor, your body writhing and aching as he mercilessly teased your soaking wet cunt with his fingers.
You had cum the first time from the combination of his two fingers thrusting inside your tight pussy and the feeling of his thumb rubbing across your swollen clit. When that first orgasm sparked, you wrapped your arm around him, clinging tightly as waves of pure pleasure coursed through your naughty bits and through your entire body.
You expected him to stop then and let you recover. But he didn’t.
You had cum the second time when he whispered in your ear, “You’re going to cum again for me, baby. Do you understand me?” and at the same time, inserted a third finger into your moist little fuck-hole, stretching you open even further. You moaned like a whore as your second orgasm hit, your body convulsing wildly and then almost going completely limp as his three fingers violated you.
You expected him to stop then and let you recover.  But he didn’t.
Your mind was reeling now and your thoughts were basically a incoherent mess. By now, you had completely lost any sense of how long he had been stuffing his fingers inside your pussy without even giving you a moment to rest between orgasms and catch your breath. The thought of him ravishing you so completely, and controlling your body, was both exhilarating and exhausting. Your pussy felt stretched, used, violated, yet was still dripping juices and nectar for him to penetrate you repeatedly with his fingers.
You felt the approach of yet another impending orgasm when he looked straight into your eyes. “You are mine, princess. Mine. You understand that now, don’t you? Your body belongs to me. Your orgasms belong to me. You belong to me. I own you.”
All you could do in response to hearing his words was to sink deeper into the fold of his arms and giving in to the feeling of his fingers plunging repeatedly into the depths of your warm cunt.
"Now, be a good girl and cum again for Daddy."
After commanding you to cum, he pressed his mouth against yours, kissing you hard, kissing you passionately, kissing you in ways that almost made time stand still. You felt both owned and loved.
Your climax hit powerfully and you couldn’t help but cry out, screaming with intense pleasure. His fingers unmoving now, no longer penetrating you, but still keeping them buried within your used fuck-hole, waiting till your orgasm was finished before he slowly withdrew them from your pussy. The emptiness you felt when his fingers finally slipped from your body, left you feeling… wanting. Empty.
He then slowly traced his soaking wet fingers up along your tummy, between your breasts, and finally up towards your chin, leaving a visible trail of wetness along your bare skin. He pushed his fingers between your lips and into your mouth, forcing you to taste his slick, cum-soaked fingers, that had been inside you for what seemed like an eternity. When you had dutifully licked his fingers clean of your own nectar and tangy juices, he removed his fingers from your mouth.
Realizing that your body was nearly on the verge of collapse from having taken three amazing orgasms from you without allowing you any time to recover in between, he wrapped his arms around your body, kissed you softly on the lips, and pulled you onto his lap. He cradled you protectively, his body slowly rocking back and forth, giving you the sweet assurances you needed to hear; telling you how proud he was of you, how much you meant to him, and how every day you were together was even better than the day before.
The tenderness and warmth he provides after each play session, a sharp but welcome contrast to the powerful, almost animalistic, and raw emotions displayed only moments earlier.
Being owned, never before felt so wonderful as it did just now.

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